Signal Campus, LLC


“The kiosks look fantastic, and a number of students, both on staff and outside Student Media, have made it a point to reach out and tell me how sharp they are. In fact, my only regret is not finding out about Signal Campus and jumping on board sooner.”

“The partnership between Signal and City College of San Francisco has been a gratifying experience that has more than met our expectations. They make good on maintaining the kiosks and meeting their financial obligations in a timely manner. It has truly been a pleasure working with them.”

“It has been a great pleasure to have this partnership that has been beneficial both to the University Student Union and to the budget of the Union Weekly Newspaper. It is my hope that all business partnership should work this collegially.”

“From start to finish, the staff at Signal Campus have need diligent, professional and exceptional with the installation of our new outdoor newsstands, and their attention to detail and outstanding customer service is something we have very much appreciated and valued throughout this entire process.”

“We are very pleased with Signal Campus’ service, which has provided me with good-looking, professional kiosks to distribute our papers, and has generated income as well. We highly recommend Signal Campus’ services to other colleges.”

“The association with Signal has been outstanding! They connect with administrators, as well as newspaper advisers. Signal Campus’ team members are on-time, do a good job and the advertisements are professional and appropriate for college settings.”

“Our new display stands are a significant upgrade over what we had previously and bring much panache to our publication. They have helped to beautify our campus by allowing us to remove less attractive stands. I am impressed by how well they protect our newspapers from bad weather and keep them fresh and crisp. Thank you for your tremendous patience and persistence in getting this program in place.”