Signal Campus, LLC


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Signal is a growing outdoor media company known for innovation and excellence in the development of out-of-home properties.

We offer a variety of media formats that include:

  • Newspaper Stand Displays
  • Informational Kiosks
  • Wall Mounted Display Panels

Signal presently operates on over 100 campuses across the United States. We offer advertisers the opportunity to reach this very attractive demographic group while they are establishing purchasing patterns and loyalties that are likely to follow them for life.

Our headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA and we have field offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.

Reaching The College Consumer

It is during the college years that we first gain real experience as consumers, and where lifelong purchase patterns develop. Brands can be forever connected with what many consider to be the best time of their lives. Equity created in the college years can pay dividends for years to come.